The most special little lady

Family. I don’t think there’s much better. So, what could be more special than having all of your family (from all corners of the globe) together in one place for a whole week for your granny’s 80th birthday? Well you’ve got me stumped…

The location, people and atmosphere was so beautiful in every possible way. It was honestly one of the most incredible holidays; one filled with laughter, food, games, beach walks, pedicures (boys included) and general family togetherness from sunrise till long after sunset…for some, almost until sunrise again! 😉 It was amazing to see just how one very special little lady has had such a HUGE impact on our family – not many people would fly to south Africa from all the ends of the earth for just anyone’s birthday –  she’s grown and nourished such a beautiful and deep sense of love, belonging and care in our family (and not to mention overfed all of us at least once with her crazy generous smidgens of delicious food). So, it was only fitting that we had an entire week of celebrations for our wonderful Jill/Granny/Mum/Great-Granny to try and give her a teeny taste of all the joy and love she brings to the rest of us. Man we sure scored the best of the best – we love you Granny!

So here is a tiny snippet of our family week of togetherness in Cape Town – it will forever hold a very special place in my heart, and I’m sure the hearts of many others.

E x

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