Cheers to 21 years

It’s quite surreal to think that my little brother has just turned 21 and that I’ve been able to watch his whole life unfurl over the years. What a privilege to be able to be part of every single big life event, a definite bonus of being the older sibling! It’s been a tiring, annoying, magnificent and beautiful adventure – I can’t deny we tried to kill each other a few times, but we’ve become the best of friends and there are few people I trust, love and respect more than my not-so-little brother. My heart beams with joy just thinking about the hundreds of memories we have together and the many more we have in store – from playing in the muddy garden, to adventures in London together! I have learnt so much about joy, life, determination and perseverance from Matthew, one of the only people I know who never gives up but also knows how to let go and have fun.

I’m so grateful I wasn’t left an only child for very long and got the biggest present (despite him being incredibly small when he arrived), in the form of my brother – looking back my childhood is a montage of memories of us growing up, so full and happy, having a best friend by my side through absolutely everything. I miss living at home and being able to create new memories (and make lots of popcorn) together.

In light of the big occasion, we held a little 21st celebration for the birthday boy! An evening filled with the clinks of champagne glasses, laughter, delicious aromas and an overflow of joy. A winter’s evening of family, friends and celebration of Matthew’s 21 amazing years.

So here are a few snaps of the lovely event.

e x


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