give a little love…

Two weekends ago I had the amazing privileged of joining Hope House Church on one of their outreach missions, visiting a little safe haven near Vaalwater called Bushveld mission – which lives up to it’s name, as many of us were greeted by some sable antelope and even spotted a giraffe on the drive in!

The simple appearance of the mission was so deceiving, as the people who live there are most probably the most beautiful souls on the planet. To find a place where love, hope, joy and God’s presence is so tangible is utterly breathtaking and so rare in our crazy world. I have never met volunteers like the ones you find at Bushveld mission, they are completely selfless and giving, many sacrificing their careers, possessions and lives to move to the mission and live permanently with the children. A group of amazing people who have dedicated their lives to the 60 children they care for, providing a stable platform for abandoned, orphaned and abused children. The way in which the mission manages to totally transform the children’s lives is unbelievable – enveloping them in the love of God and allowing them to flourish and create a better future.

It was a truly beautiful day filled with love in so many forms – from painting, fixing, teaching and making food. The mission kept on mentioning how they were so grateful to us and the little bit of help we could provide, but to be honest I am eternally grateful to the mission for the impact it had on me. With the smiling faces of so many little children that have been given a second chance at life and the proud faces of the volunteers who nurture over 60 children daily, its hard not to see God’s hand at work.

Our lives are always such a rat race and we sweat the small stuff, when you get to experience an entire mission that runs on hope and love (quite literally) you realise just how much our daily stresses are so insignificant. How love, hope, faith and community can quite literally win over any circumstance.

I can’t wait to visit the mission again.

e x

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