Autumn in Injisuthi

After so many new and exciting adventures in England over the last three months, I’m finally home. It’s been so wonderful seeing all my loved ones and soaking up the warm South African sun once more – I never thought I’d miss it quite as much as I did! After a few short days at home we were off to the Drakensberg mountains for the Easter weekend.

You may remember me posting about Injisuthi a few months ago, if not you can see the post here and see just how magnificent the place is, no matter the season. The last visit to Injisuthi gave us the surprise of snow in November, while this visit the area showed off it’s autumn colours – the trees turning shades of red, yellow and orange; a beautiful contrast against the manicured green mountains.

A foggy weekend meant for a near magical experience while hiking the mountains, the low clouds enveloping half the mountain. We got to experience being inside a cloud as we hiked higher up the mountains, the cloud hiding some parts of the walk which were later exposed when it started to lift. The low clouds added droplets to everything they touched – beads of dew on blades of grass, petals and hair alike – like little glass balls scattered across the mountains. Beautiful.

There are few things as wonderful as the combination and total immersion of family and nature, the best combination for a relaxing Easter weekend. A perfect reminder of the love and hope that the spirit of Easter brings us all.

Injisuthi will forever have a very special place in my heart. I can’t wait to go back!

Enjoy some of the snaps below.

e x

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