It’s begun!

I love family and I love my family traditions! Especially Heiligabend, or Christmas Eve, a night of family, carols, yummy food and general festive cheer! The German’s sure know how to have a good time.

One of my favourite memories at the end of every year, is Christmas cookie baking and icing – two occasions that I’ve looked forward to ever since I can remember. These events are filled with family, sneaky tasters, sugar rushes and just togetherness and joy – what an absolute blessing! Getting filled with flour and icing together sure is a lot more fun than on your own!

And so, with the year coming to a close, the cookie baking has begun! Ranging from Lebkuchen, sjokolade-wieletjies, makronen and more, there’s a cookie that suits everyone’s taste buds (even the wheat allergy ‘sufferers’, such as myself, can share in the joy of cookies). We started making the Lebkuchen and sjokolade-wieletjies today and got all available hands (even the littlest ones), on deck!

Check out some of the snaps of the cookie making preparations. The icing and packaging of the cookies is the next family gathering coming up, and I can’t wait!

“it’s the little memories that will last a lifetime”

E x


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